D Мебель

Ударная установка SFF-609

Эл. почта
Цена: 67500 руб

The source machine:909system,include Accompaniment,Recording,Playback,
Can connect with computer,phone,Headset.Speakers.
Timbre. Volume. Tone. Sensitivity Adjustable.
Accompaniment of songs :43
The Materials of drum body :Tubes with Spray.
Snare drum:1, 10inch,Drum chamber made from ABS,mesh drumhead .
Toms:4,8 inch,Drum chamber made from ABS,mesh drumhead.
Kick drum:1, 16inch,Drum chamber made from wood post skin .mesh
drumhead.include step mallet.
Cymbal:12inch, the taper made from ABS,the batter head made from
Silicone,with ended sound function.
Ride cymbal:12inch, the taper made from ABS,the batter head made from Silicone,
double touch off ended sound function.
Hi-hat:12inch,the batter head made from Silicone,Bracket independent
Snare drum and No.1Toms: double touch off. other drum padtouch off independent.
CRASH with ended sound function.
Ride double touch off ended sound.